Young Adult ministry

Vessel Young Adult Ministry

Who We Are

Vessel is a college-age ministry (18-29) with a vision of becoming a fleet of brothers and sisters who raise the sails of their hearts in surrender to Jesus, our First Love. Our “YES” to Him is a sail fully raised as the wind of His Spirit navigates our course.

When We Meet

We meet every Tuesday night in the Student Center at 6:30 pm

What to Expect

Every week, we gather together to lift up & encounter Jesus Christ in worship and prayer, and to train one another in the ABC’s of discipleship:

  • ABIDE: The most important thing in the world is spending time in Jesus’ presence, simply to be with Him, hear His word, and do what He says (Luke 6:47). We place a high value on modeling a ministry that overflows from intimacy with Him (Mark 3:14).
  • BUILD UP: There are no spectators in the Kingdom of Heaven. The fivefold ministry exists to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, instead of a few doing all the work (Eph. 4:11-12). Therefore, our desire is to build up brothers and sisters to maturity in Christ through obedience to the gospel (Hebrews 5:12-6:2), as well as student-wide participation in genuine love, prayer for one another and practice of spiritual gifts.
  • COMMISSIONED: The heart of Christ is for the church to be a river, not a reservoir. He has commanded every disciple to go and make more disciples of Jesus Christ, baptizing and teaching them obedience to His word. Through local and global outreach, we pray that the Father marks the young adult generation with a passion for the gospel of Jesus and would send laborers out of Vessel young adult ministry into Brevard, Florida, the United States, and to the ends of the earth in the power of the Holy Spirit with the glorious gospel of Jesus. It’s all about JESUS getting what He deserves—the “YES” of every heart.
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